Electrons and molecules at the air/water interface

Dynamics at the air/water interface are probed using second-harmonic/sum-frequency generation spectroscopy


Our research has received funding from: ERC, EPSRC, Leverhulme Trust, the Royal Society, and Durham University

Photodissociation and non-thermal chemistry

We develop novel translational spectroscopic methods study dissociation dynamics of complex ions.


Photo-dynamics of excited states in anions

We probe the dynamics of photoexcited anions with a focus on bio-chromophores, non-valence electronic states, and polyanions

VerletNet &GibbardGang  

Breath analysis for medical diagnosis

We develop spectroscopic techniques to measure absolute quantities of molecules present in trace amounts human breath

CartyParty & WredeRaiders

Dynamics of electron-molecule reactions

We develop optical methods to study the chemical physics underpinning electron driven chemistry


Durham Chemical Dynamics