Dynamics of electron-molecule reactions

We develop optical methods to study the chemical physics underpinning electron driven chemistry


Our research has received funding from: ERC, EPSRC, Leverhulme Trust, the Royal Society, and Durham University

Breath analysis for medical diagnosis

We development spectroscopic methods to analytically and quantitatively measure trace gas molecules and apply these in medical devices

CartyParty & WredeRaiders

Durham Chemical Dynamics

Electrons and molecules at the air/water interface

Dynamics at the air/water interface are probed using second-harmonic/sum-frequency generation spectroscopy


Photo-dynamics of excited states in anions

We probe the dynamics of photoexcited anions with a focus on bio-chromophores, non-valence electronic states, and polyanions

VerletNet &GibbardGang  

Photodissociation and non-thermal chemistry

We develop novel translational spectroscopic methods study dissociation dynamics of complex ions.