We are grateful for past and present funding from: ERC, EPSRC, Leverhulme Trust, Durham University

​electrons and molecules at the water/air interface

Dynamics  at the water/air interface are probed using second-harmonic/sum-frequency generation spectroscopy 

Dynamics of bio-chromophores

The intrinsic dynamics of bio chromophores are probed using photoelectron spectroscopies. 


 Our group studies the dynamics of ions in the gas phase, in clusters and at interfaces. We are interested in understanding the intrinsic dynamics that follow immediately after photoexcitation or upon photoexcitation or electron attachment. 

dynamics of anion formation

We develop optical methods to study the chemical physics underpinning electron-driven chemistry

dynamics of polyanions 

Photoelectron spectroscopy is used to probe the structure and dynamics of isolated polyanions 

dynamics of anion 

Non-VAlence states

The role of non-valence states in the excited state dynamics of anions is studied.


We have developed a Polar Onion Peeling algorithm to  reconstruct the central slice through the Newton sphere of a charged-particle distribution obtained from a standard velocity map imaging experiment

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